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Studio 22

Dance Team

Where Art & Passion Collide


Studio 22’s Dance Team is a group of dancers who are committed to the improvement of themselves and show dedication to the art of dance and the studio.  They are students who want to progress their skills, have a passion for performing, and work well with others to create meaningful, artistic masterpieces.  A Dance Team Dancer and their family are dedicated to weekly classes, Friday night rehearsals, weekends of competitions, and extra performance and class opportunities as a constant commitment to the improvement of their craft and their sport. 

Students joining Studio 22 Dance Team have done so through an audition process.  Students are chosen based on their strong dance technique in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, and for older students, Contemporary.  Once accepted to the team, students are divided into groups that the choreographers feel will best showcase their skills.  Students have team rehearsals on Friday nights and participate in four to five regional competitions, a Dance Team Showcase, and the annual recital.  Additional performance opportunities may arise such as performing at local events, traveling to national summer competitions, or participating in a studio open house or other studio event.

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