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Studio 22 Dance Center offers affordable options for dancewear. 

Items can be ordered in person through our studio store or  online via our studio store

(see links). 

It is important that students purchase the required attire for each of their classes. 


Shoes must have a proper fit for safety reasons. 

Dance attire is designed for teachers to be able to see proper placement of the dancer’s body while executing movements and to ensure safe practices.

Store Links:

Discount Dance ID #135669
Please use this number when ordering from Discount Dance

​Please Note:

  • Only form fitted dance sweaters are allowed when needed during the cooler months. 

  • No loose-fitting clothing, t-shirts, tank tops, sweatshirts, baggy pants, athletic shorts, or jackets are allowed in classroom (see hip hop exception). 

  • All jewelry including watches, bracelets, necklaces, and hanging earrings must be removed before the start of class. 

  • Tights replace the need for underwear; students should refrain from wearing underwear in class levels 1 and up. 

  • Dance shoes are to be worn in the classroom only; please arrive in another pair of shoes and change into your dance shoes when you arrive. 

  • Students that dance barefoot (acro & modern) should make sure their feet are clean and smelling fresh.  Toenails should be kept short for the safety of themselves and the other dancers.

  • All students are expected to observe good hygiene habits.

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