WE WILL WIN on coronavirus,covid-19 outb


•        Dry cough

•        Headache

•        Temperature more than 100.4

•        Difficulty breathing

•        Loss of smell or taste

•        Nausea or vomiting

•        Diarrhea

Should your child, any household members OR our staff, exhibit any of the above symptoms, we ask that you stay home and use Zoom to continue classes.

Our Commitment

  • Dance floors will be cleaned and disinfected daily and twice daily when holding daytime activity


  • Ballet Barres, light switches, doorknobs, benches and bathrooms will be disinfected before first class and in-between classes


  • Windows will be open during classes to help air flow. Otherwise air conditioner and/or fans will be on to assist dancers and teachers while having to wear masks in classes


  • Each studio and the lobby has MedifyRx MA-40 Air Purifier with its H13 HEPA filtration system 

  • Each studio floor is labeled to not only follows social distancing guidelines but will also facilitate spacial awareness and staging guidelines for our beautiful performances!

  • We are shortening our classes by 5 minutes to allow time to safely prepare the studio for the next class

Studio 22 Dance Center COVID Safety Requirements

Parents, we will need your help in explaining carefully to your child the rules!

  • Everyone entering the building must wear a mask and must continue to do so while inside except during water breaks.


  • ALL students must use hand sanitizer upon entry of the studio (those who need a particular brand due to skin sensitivity must bring their own hand sanitizer). Hand sanitizer will also be available in every room.


  • We are limiting lobby traffic. Preschool, Combo and Level 1 parents may stay in lobby during class if necessary, and must socially distance guidelines. 

  • Dancers will bring shoes and water into studio for classes.  Dancers may leave all their other items under the benches in the lobby.

  • If taking more than 2 consecutive classes, healthy, nut-free snacks will be allowed into studio to be eaten between classes only. 

  • Dancers that attend non-consecutive classes are allowed to remain in lobby and must follow socially distancing guidelines.


  • Please send dancers with multiple water bottles. We are going to continue to remind students to NOT SHARE WATER BOTTLES OR FOOD OF ANY KIND.

  • Students/Families that are uncomfortable returning to the studio have the opportunity to join our live Zoom classes that will run simultaneously with the in-studio class. This allows your dancer to continue with their dance training and progress in their dance skills.